Erica Blackwell
Erica Blackwell

Community Events

Board Game Night @ Dragonmead Brewery

Metro Detroit Game Night

Join us for The Loaded Die's weekly board game night at Dragonmead Brewery! Pick a game from their 50+ game library on site or bring some of your own from home. Come meet new friends to play with or bring your regular gaming or craft beer...

D&D Adventurer's League at Dragonmead - Curse of Strahd (Level 0-4)

D&D in the D - Adventurers League

Come play D&D with us every Thursday at Dragonmead in Warren. If you need a character and need our help in making one, please arrive at 5pm, or as close as you can to 5. Those that show up at 5:30 or later will receive a generic character. You...

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